Types of Essays You Need To Master during Higher Education

Writing for a particular topic or subject can have its own implications and insinuations, however, when you reach higher education there are high chances of you being assigned to write essays for your teachers and professors to evaluate. However, each essay that you may oblige to perform well in might differs either slightly or drastically. Hence in this post, we are going to offer you some solid advice about the different types of essays that you need to master before you enter higher education, and like their nature of work is different therefore each one of them needs their specific set of rules and regulations that must be followed at all cost.

Descriptive Essays

Like the name itself implies, descriptive essays is all about writing descriptions so that the reader is actually able to paint a mental image or portrait in their minds when they got through your work. Descriptive essays could relate to a variety of subjects and topics as well as various incidents or objects as well which might need as much description possible to make it a more vivid form of writing. A great way to write a descriptive essay is to make use of your sensory perceptions play a role in your writing such as:

  • Touch
  • Sight
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • & Sound

While writing your essay you should also focus on your surroundings. This will help the reader affiliated with the environment and make your descriptive essay more explorative. You can also consider using non-written elements to help you out such as:

  • Self-drawn pictures and portraits
  • Maps
  • Images etc.

Descriptive writing can tend to use a lot of adjectives and it\\\’s literarily empowered through the power of the human imagination.

Expository Essays

A more technical form of writing that is quite often used by science and mathematics-related subjects and others like finance, accounting, management, marketing, and nursing as well at times. This is due to the fact that this type of writing usually involves the writer to explain the topic in detail and then perform a careful analysis of their well-defined subject. In this type of writing, you can also use non-written characters to aid your writing such as:

  • Bar Graphs
  • Flow Charts
  • Histograms
  • Matrices
  • Pie Charts
  • Process Cycles
  • Tables for comparisons etc.

Some common tips to improve on your expository writing includes:

  • Making sure that you choose words precisely and they are used accurately with clear meaning.
  • Use analytical writing with the help of cause and effect, classification of different variables, comparing and contrasting objects with each other.
  • Your writing must be concise and brief.
  • Each paragraph must contain one topic sentence and several supporting sentences to support the main idea.
  • Paragraphs must be connected with each other using transitionary words and adjoining words.
  • You should emphasize important points and present factual information that is relevant and valid only.

Narrative Essays

One of the most popular types of essays that many students have to write during their higher educational learning years. Narrative essays as the name implies is all about you the writer informing the readers about a personal experience that can be a real-life incident which occurred. This storytelling format is usually used to make sure that students are able to make use of the knowledge which they have acquired in class and see how they are able to make use of it in real life situations. The narrative essays are usually written in the first person format so that the audience can be stimulated even more with the writing. Majority of the narratives start with an interesting introduction and end with resolving and solid conclusion or a strong personal judgment. Some tips to improve your narrative essay writing include:

  • Avoid second person narrative.
  • Choose your reference carefully.
  • Use the following appropriately: action words (verbs), transition words, texture words, emphatic fragments etc.
  • Include your own individual thought process and individual voice within the paper, this will make it unique and original.
  • Be as clear in your writing as you can possibly be and this will also utilize your style of imagery, where the reader can vividly see what they read.

Persuasive Essays

This type of writing is purely based on representing your arguments and statements in such a way that the audience agrees with your own personal perspective about a certain topic or subject of discussion. Your writing must entail the use of solid facts and figures, citations, and references from authentic sources to win your arguments substantially and put solid justifications to back up your claims. Persuasive essays are all about convincing the reader, by simply communicating their opinions in an as admissible and permissible manner as possible. Important tips to writer great persuasive essays include:

  • Pick the side which you think has the strongest reasoning supporting its claims.
  • Understand the audience refrain from being labeled as biased.
  • Identify convincing evidence and use them as your key points by emphasizing them.
  • Present your ideas, arguments, statements with valid citations and references from authentic sources only.

We hope this post was able to offer you some deeper understanding regarding the different types of essays that you need to master in your higher education years. However, if you think all of this is too tiring for you then perhaps seeking professional essay help online can offer you the support you need to deliver an outstanding paper for your academia.

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