In case, you are not happy with the paper even after several revisions and would like are fund on the order, we would recommend you to read our refund policies stated below:

  • We understand that even after several revisions, the customer might not be satisfied with the paper and would want a refund. However, before the refund requests are processed, there are 3 steps that need to be taken which are:
    oThe company will assign a different writer for the order if the deadline is still available.
    oThe company will offer a free order of the same number of pages in place of are fund.
    oIf the customer still persists for a refund, then with mutual cooperation between the company and the client, the amount to be refunded is decided.
  • Essay Time holds the right to reject any refund request if they see that the reason behind refund request is baseless.
  • It is important that before placing a refund request, the customer uses the unlimited revisions as we guarantee that we will amend the paper as per your satisfaction in revisions.
  • Before approaching any third party for resolution of refund, it is highly recommended the customer talks to the Essay Time first. If the customer directly approaches a third party, strict legal action will be taken against the client.

Essay Time has the right to change any of its policies at any given time. Customers will be informed of the changed through an email.